what vitamins help hair grow?

Having a healthy head of hair something that we all want to have and unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with the good genes that automatically grants them great looking hair from the moment that they are born. For these people, they may need a little bit of help in the forms of vitamins for hair. 

There are several vitamin supplements that can really assist in hair growth and really helps to stimulate the hair follicles and encourage a thicker and fuller head of hair. Many of us may think that we are getting the necessary amount of vitamins intake into our bodies because a eat a little bit of everything each day, however, we may not receive the adequate amount of vitamins that we think we need.

Some of the vitamins for hair that is essential for hair growth include vitamins A, C, E, and a variety of vitamin B. Of these, vitamin B is often the one that people don’t seem to get enough of. Vitamin B can help to give better texture for hair and provides more strength for your hair. Different types of vitamin B such as B5, B6, and B12 are all essentials that you should try to include into your diet daily. Foods such as egg, grain cereal, oatmeal, fish, and white meat are all known to contain some amounts of these vitamins.

However, to get the necessary daily intake of these vitamins for hair and help to promote better hair growth, it is advisable that you take a multi-tablet vitamin pill daily that contains all of these vitamins.

Another type of vitamin that helps your hair and skin as well as vitamin A. The vitamin A helps with giving you an overall better-looking hair and it can further control healthy skin oil that your scalp naturally produces. These vitamin A can come from things such as vegetables, fish, meat, and dairy products. Other vitamins for hair that are essential include vitamin C and vitamin E.

what vitamins help hair grow
The former is something that is more commonly found and you can easily get it in fruits and vitamin pills. The vitamin C helps to prevent your hair from falling out and is good for overall health. The vitamin E is perhaps one of the more important vitamins for hair as it helps to promote hair growth and prevent hair loss. This vitamin is often something that you’ll see recommended for better-looking skin, but it can also help with your hair growth. 

It Helps stimulate blood circulation in your scalp and stimulate the hair follicles for better growth. You can find this vitamin for hair in food products such as green vegetables, various oils, and a variety of nuts and beans.

Other than vitamins for hair, there are other minerals that you should include into your diet as well such as copper, iron, zinc, and selenium. It may be tough to try and incorporate all these things into your daily diet, so it is recommended that you take multi vitamins for hair pill which can contain all the necessary things that your body needs for good hair growth.

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