Female hair transplant restoration

hair loss restoration - For women, hair thinning is a serious cause for concern and can be really damaging to the self-esteem. Going with a bald or shaved look is not as commonly found in women as it is in men and the female hair transplant does not get enough of recognition and awareness by the public. Many people who have thinning hair or losing hair will often turn to different types of hair treatment options first to see if they are able to regain their thicker and fuller head of hair. When all these other options fail, the last resort will be the female hair transplant, but many people don’t seem to really understand what this type of operation really means. Today, we’ll dive deeper into this topic to give you a better insight on what this procedure is all about.

The female hair transplant is a type of procedure that does exactly what its name suggests, that is it will implant hair onto your scalp. The real question is where does hair to be implanted come from? Well, first off, this operation does not implant hair onto your scalp, but rather it implants hair follicles. In many cases, the hair follicles will be harvested from a different region on your scalp and then used to implant on areas where the hair is thinning. Female hair transplant procedures can also sometimes use a donor hair follicle to transplant.

Once the female hair transplant operation is completed, the newly implanted hair follicles will be just like any other ordinary hair follicles on the head and as such will grow hair as expected. However, in order for you to see a good growth rate from these newly implanted hair follicles, you’ll have to make sure that good condition hair follicles were used during your female transplant operation. If the original hair follicle produces thin, weak, or otherwise unhealthy hair, then they’ll continue to do so after they are implanted into different regions of your head.

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The growth rate for these implanted follicles will grow as they normally would and it’ll also take them the same amount of time to grow as they normally would. Please be advised after a female hair transplant operation, it is highly suggested that you allow the hair to grow out longer than usual and use very specialize shampoo with low chemical concentration during the first couple of months. This allows the hair follicles to become assimilated with the rest of the hair follicles on your head allows it to grow normally. After these first few months, you can cut, comb, and shape your hair however you like.

A female hair transplant operation is often something that serves as the last hope for many women and currently, these type of procedures have proven to be quite successful and effective. However, you should keep in mind that even after a successful female hair transplant, that you should maintain the basic healthy lifestyle along with good proper nutrition in order to keep these newly implanted hair follicles healthy.

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